Birdie Breakfast Porridge

Steel cut oats, spelt, buckwheat, wheat berries, millet with chopped almonds, a dab of coconut oil and some cinnamon. This is a favorite special treat breakfast, it’s nice to have it on a cold morning. Fruit is also a treat due to the high sugar content, so they don’t get much of it or often here. The steel cut oats are just cooked in water; sometimes I cook the spelt, buckwheat groats, wheat and millet, other times I use it sprouted. I sometimes add flax or chia seeds to it too or use walnuts instead of almonds.

*Please note that bananas are very high in sugar. They should be used very sparingly, if ever, in a good parrot diet. This is one of those meals I made for the family and the birds, the humans got most of the fruit here and the birds each got a couple blueberries.


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