Healthy Bird Bonbons (another variation of the recipe)

I kept seeing these awesome parrot “sweet potato balls” or “treat balls” recipes and had to give it a try. I started with that basic idea, and then went from there changing and adding ingredients as I went along. I call these “Healthy Bird Bonbons”, just because I like the sound of it. Don’t let the bonbons part fool you though, these are a great nutritious snack. First recipe I did of these here

Ingredients for this batch:
pumpkin puree
buckwheat groats
chia seed
flax seed
sesame seed
cilantro or parsley
red chili pepper flakes
shredded leafy greens, finely chopped veggies (used carrot and broccoli for this batch)

Start with half cup quinoa; rinsed, soaked in water for five minutes, then rinsed again. Now simmer, covered, in 1 cup of water until liquid is absorbed (about fifteen minutes). For this batch I used cooked buckwheat groats too. Stir in 1 cup of pumpkin puree, I just used plain canned pumpkin. Let the mixture sit and cool a bit. Then mix in some shredded leafy greens, cilantro or parsley. Add some shredded veggies in too, for this batch I used a lot of shredded carrot and broccoli. For some dry ingredients I used sprinklings of millet, chia, sesame, flax and red chili pepper flakes. Then roll spoonfuls up into little balls and bake them at 350 until light golden brown. I only baked them about fifteen minutes, they were still very soft and moist, but it was just enough to set them so they weren’t mushy.


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