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A special spring time suprise for the parrots: colored deviled eggs

deviled eggs

I was preparing a special meal for the family, and thought of the parrots, and what I could make for them too. I was making colored deviled eggs and beets for us, so I used those main ingredients to make make a parrot safe dish as well.

I had been cooking beets so I saved the juice left over from cooking them, poured it into a cup, and added a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to it. I saved three of the hard boiled eggs I was making. I cut the eggs in half and removed the yolks. I rinsed the egg white halves and then soaked them in the beet and vinegar juice. I mashed the egg yolk and added a couple heaping tablespoons of some left over cooked butternut squash I had in the refrigerator. Mashed sweet potato would have worked really well too, but I wanted to use up some of that butternut squash. I minced a couple springs of fresh parsley and added that to the yolk mixture. The whites only soaked about fifteen minutes or so, and they looked beautiful! I set them out to dry on paper towels, and then filled them with the yolk mixture. I sprinkled a teeny bit of cayenne pepper, chia seed and sesame seed on the tops.

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and company over, the parrots see me busy cooking in the kitchen, and I know they enjoy getting something special too.

Happy Spring Everyone!

* Please note that there were NO food coloring or dyes used for this, they were naturally colored eggs with only beet juice and organic apple cider vinegar, so that they are parrot safe.

 I don’t mean to get off topic, but this is where I got the idea for this. I was making a batch of the colored deviled eggs for the family, and I was cooking beets up for our meal too. So I thought of the beet colored eggs idea for the parrots.  The ones for the family came out beautiful too.

colored deviled eggs

Making meals for your parrot fun and interesting.

Try to offer foods in a variety of different ways; cooked one day, raw the next, chunks, shredded, minced or pureed. Stuff the food into peppers, mini pumpkins, squash, or cucumbers. My guys get so excited when they see their little plate coming, always with something new on it.

This batch is spaghetti squash, quinoa, flax seed, leafy greens and chopped veggies, stuffed into cucumber bowls. cucumber bowls